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Travel and Tourism

Travel and Tourism

What will my child learn in this subject?

Our Ethos

By studying Travel and Tourism we are giving students the opportunity to develop knowledge and technical skills in a practical learning environment.

The course will encourage students to think about different types of customers and their individual needs, this will encourage them to consider difference and broaden their knowledge of the world around them.

Students will develop key skills, such as research, report drafting and writing skills and project management. These skills can then be transferred outside of a school environment to help them lead a fulfilled and successful life.

Our Aims

2 Year Plan
By the time pupils complete their studying of Travel and Tourism at Ecclesfield School, they will know key organisations in travel and tourism and the principles of sustainable tourism. Pupils will be able to consider the needs of others and plan appropriate trips and visits. Pupils will have been given the opportunity to use a variety of resources to develop their skills, empathy and cultural capital.


  • Pupils will be able to communicate effectively
  • Pupils will be able to work independently and collectively
  • Pupils will be able to think creatively
  • Pupils will be able to be reflective
  • Pupils will use how to use maps, atlases and a range of online travel resources.


  • Pupils will know a wide range of subject specific vocabulary  
  • Pupils will know the different visitor types, how their needs can be met and customer expectations.  
  • Pupils will have studied key organisations in travel and tourism and how they interrelate.  

Lesson and Coursework Access

All lessons and resources including all the necessary material for forthcoming end of year examinations can be found on your Teams assignments and OneNote.

We have also put additional resources into the Files section on Teams

This means all your work can be accessed in one place and from the comfort of your own home!

Just go to https://teams.microsoft.com and log in with your username@eccoschool.com and their password.