Minerva Learning Trust

On 8th February, fifteen students in Y9 , Y10 & Y11 went for a practice karting session at Sheffield TeamSport after school. Five teams entered the BSKC Local Final on 15th March and the top nine drivers from Ecclesfield went through to the BSKC Regional Final.

The competition at the regional final which was held at Leeds TeamSport on 10th May was against nine other teams who made it through from the local finals in Newcastle, Stockton and Hull. This meant there would be twelve karts on the starting grid in each of the six sessions which made it tough to get to the front especially if you were selected to start at the back. The points were awarded for drivers finishing positions not their fastest times.

Only the top two teams out of the twelve from the regional final were able to go through to the BSKC National Final in Warrington in June. Although none of the three Ecclesfield teams made it to the national final it was definitely a great experience for all concerned and one that will be treasured for a long time.