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by bluestrawberry, September 11, 2015

Don’t get over whelmed with controlled assessment and revision. By planning your time effectively over the academic year, combining coursework deadlines with a revision programme, this will help you to feel in control and happier in school.

It’s a difficult balancing act but with the help of the links below to support you with planning and preparing for both it should be a lot easier!

Below you will find revision tips, a revision planner and revision materials all available on this site so get prepared and be in control.



GCSE Study


Information booklet

Business Studies

Design and Technology







Health and Social Care


ICT / Computing

ICT & Computing are proud to announce that all lesson and homework resources including all the necessary material for forthcoming end of year examinations can be found on your child’s perosnalised “OneNote” area. This means all their work can be accessed in one place and from the comfort in their own home!

Students can access their OneNote by logging on to their Student Portal. For instructions of how to access the Student Portal please click here.

If students require to download a free copy of the Office365 software package in order to access their OneNote, can do so by clicking here, for a step by step of to complete this.

June 2o16 exam paper

June 2016 mark scheme

June 2015 exam paper

June 2015 mark scheme

June 2015 grade boundaries

June 2014 question paper

June 2014 mark scheme

June 2014 grade boundaries

June 2013 question paper

June 2013 mark scheme

June 2013 grade boundaries

June 2012 question paper

June 2012 mark scheme

June 2012 mark boundaries

June 2011 question paper

June 2011 mark scheme

June 2011 mark boundaries

ICT revision cards

ICT key definitions


Modern Foreign Languages



Religious Studies



B2 revision mind maps

B2 Cells

B2 Enzymes

B2 Respiration

B2 Photosynthesis

B2 Cell division and inheritance

B2 Speciation

B2 Sampling

Additional Science Higher Tier B2

Additional Science Higher Tier B2 marking scheme

B2 Biology revision

B2 knowledge test

B2 revision booklet

B2.2 exam question booklet

B2.4 respiration exam booklet

B2.5 simple inheritance in plant and animals exam question

Revision questions

Keeping Healthy

Pathogens and disease

Coordination and control

Medicine and drugs

Adaptation for survival

Energy in biomass


Mark questions


Revision material answers

Revision material

exam questions

revision exam questions booklet

hormones questions

nervous system questions

drugs exam questions

adaptation exam questions

adaptation exam questions1

energy and biomass exam questions

variations exam questions

evolution exam questions

b2.2 revision

cells, tissues and organs revision

b2.2 exam questions booklet

organisms and their environment



respiration revision

simple inheritance in plants and animals exam questions

simple inheritance in plants and animals

exchange in materials exam questions

exchange in materials exam revision

transporting materials revision

transporting materials revision 1

keeping internal conditions constant

how humans affect the environment

biology revision

drugs revision mat

energy biomass revision material

revision questions


How organisms interact with the environment

Genes, variations and evolution



Diet and drugs


Human Biology and living organisms

Environmental Biology and evolution

Core Science Biology revision cards


Chemistry knowledge

Atomic structure

Ionic bonding properties and electrolysis

Covalent bonding and properties

Metallic bonding and properties

Analysing substances 

Quantitative chemistry

Rates, energy and reversible reactions

Acids, bases and salts

Fundamental ideas


metals and their uses

Crude oils and fuels

Other uses of crude oil

Plant oils

The earth

Atoms, elements, metal revision cards

Oil, plastic, the Earth revision cardsPhysics


Motion 1

Electrical charges

Current electricity

Medical applications of Physics

conduction and convection

Electrical safety

Electrical circuits



Forces and motion

Forces and energy

Electricity revision cards

Energy and efficiency

generating electricity

heat transfers



waves and radiation revision cardsRevision Links

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  • SAM Learning
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    Password – Date of Birth followed byfirst and last initial e.g. 010297DJ
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