use of mobile phones

by Ecclesfield School, February 7, 2019

Use of Mobile Phones Policy

The term ‘phone‘ in this policy denotes mobile phones, smart watches, headphones (including wireless earphones) iPods, iPads, MP3, MP4 players and any similar portable electronic devices.

Use of Mobile Phones by Students

Mobile phones are not to be used within the school building, i.e. they are to be switched off as soon as students enter the school grounds and may only be switched on after leaving the school grounds. This means that students can only use mobile phones outside the school.

If a student chooses to take a mobile phone to school they must keep it in their bag, switched off and out of sight at all times include social time.

If they need to make an emergency phone call to contact a Parent/Carer then they need to see student services in room K106

If students have a mobile phone out or switched on during the school day, a member of staff will confiscate this and hand it in to student services where they can collect it at the end of the day. This is a C2 offence

If their phone is confiscated for a second time or more the phone will be kept in student services and returned when the Parent/ Carer has come into school to pick this up. This is a C3 offence.

Students refusing to hand in mobile phones to staff will be treated as defiance. Students will be isolated for the day or sent home. Refusal to hand in  a phones this is a C4. Headphones and wireless earphones should not be visible in school and stored in a student’s bag. Again, such items will be confiscated and kept in Student Services where students can collect them at the end of the day.

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