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Albert Einstein

About Ecclesfield School

Ecclesfield School is an all-ability, co-educational 11-16 comprehensive school.  Our intake is drawn largely from north-east Sheffield, including Ecclesfield, Chapeltown and High Green, though many students travel from further afield.  Our standard student number is 350 and our current roll is 1720, making Ecclesfield the largest school in the city.

The school is situated on the north-east edge of the city, with good transport links to central Sheffield as well as the M1. We serve a fairly stable community: a good number of our students live in owner-occupied housing and there are reasonably good employment prospects locally. Many parents commute to work in central Sheffield.  Around 20% of our students are entitled to free school meals and a low number of parents have higher education themselves. Our intake, whilst not unusually disadvantaged, is not particularly advantaged.  Ability on intake is broadly average. The ethos of the school is one of caring and mutual respect, and relationships between staff and students are good. We have a truly comprehensive intake and aim to serve all of the school community in all of our work.

The school has around 20% of students on the SEN register.  The range of special needs in school is considerable; we have students with language and communication difficulties, physical difficulties and some with moderate to severe learning difficulties.  We also have an integrated resource for hearing impaired students who enjoy excellent support whilst accessing mainstream education, In addition, there are also significant numbers of students who have been identified as gifted and talented in a range of areas.

Ecclesfield is a school undergoing rapid and sustained change. In the last three years, examination results have improved very considerably: in the Summer 2013 exams, 68% of students attained 5+A*-C including English and Maths, an increase of 22% in three years. The Specialist School and Academies Trust recently recognised the school as one of the most improved in the country. Our most recent RAISE online report (based on 2012 performance) shows value added running at 1016.4. While these are only indicative markers of progress, we are confident that they hint at the tremendous energy and dynamism that go hand in hand with working at Ecclesfield. In July 2011, the school underwent a full Ofsted Inspection and was graded ‘Good’. This followed a damning Ofsted report of March 2010 which placed the school into Notice to Improve. To move up two grades within an eighteen month period represented an enormous achievement for the school and was testament to the commitment and talent of the staff and leadership team, which had undergone considerable change following the failed inspection.


Joel Wirth


Our Ethos

Ecclesfield School understands the power of education to transform lives, communities and society.

We aspire to achieve individual and collective excellence in all that we do through nurturing every student’s unique potential, expanding their horizons and promoting their understanding of the invaluable contributions they can make as citizens in a global society.

By fostering our students’ spirit of engagement, adventure and ingenuity, we will nurture all young people as fully-rounded individuals, providing them with the challenge and support they require to succeed. We will protect their childhoods, allowing our learners to carry their innate creativity, inquisitiveness and sense of wonder about the world throughout their lives.

Ecclesfield School recognises the importance of students leading rich and diverse lives and will encourage them to seize the opportunities available to them as a means of celebrating the joy and brief wonder of being young.

As staff at Ecclesfield School, we recognise the privilege we enjoy in working with every member of our community. We see it as our public duty to serve this community and to deliver for the students of High Green, Chapeltown and Ecclesfield outstanding outcomes and extraordinary experiences.

Strategic Vision 2014 to 2016

Ecclesfield School will be an outstanding school for this community.

We will provide an outstanding educational experience, ensuring that all students aspire and are challenged to achieve rigorous and ability-appropriate qualifications while developing the necessary skills, qualities and aptitudes for future success.

This outstanding practice will be characterised by:

  • Standards and achievement across the school which are judged to be outstanding;
  • Teaching that promotes an appetite for learning and is judged ‘Good’ or better in at least 90% of lessons and ‘Outstanding’ in 50%;
  • Lessons which encourage risk-taking, critical engagement, collective endeavour, resilience and independence of thought and action, underpinned by an absolute commitment to developing our students as numerate and literate individuals;
  • Curriculum design that is stimulating, challenging and relevant for students of all abilities and which enables those students to make outstanding progress;
  • Clear and open engagement with parents to support students in all aspects of their school life;
  • Closer links with our community that will include shared resources and services and, in time, collegiate approaches to pastoral and academic matters;
  • Outstanding governance and distributed leadership which provide clarity of vision and promote outstanding outcomes through a rigorous approach to the monitoring of progress and standards;
  • A pastoral system which engages fully with parents and a range of other agencies in supporting students to engage in learning to their full potential;
  • A proactive advice and guidance system which provides independent counsel and encourages high aspirations among all students;
  • A professional learning culture which encourages all staff to seek continuous improvement and share best practice;

Joel Wirth
Head Teacher