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Y10 Work Experience 3 - 7 July

Ecclesfield School supports a week of Work Experience because it’s an opportunity for students to gain insight in the world of work, with a focus on personal development. However, Work Experience is not something that students have to constrain to a week at school.

  • To develop awareness and confidence about careers learning
  • To understand the link between careers and the school’s curriculum
  • To get an understanding of how organisations work
  •  To do tasks, like an employee would, and work with others
  • To acquire employability skills and an employer’s reference
  • To start appreciating what’s needed to succeed

As a school, we’re committed to supporting Year 10 students with the opportunity to gain real-world work insight, first hand. There are a number of ways we support students to achieve this: guiding students, parents/carers through placement planning; providing related careers education support, to expand their personal development; and partnering with Sheffield City Council regards critical employer checks.

Getting Started

A self-arranged placement, by students, develops their independence and gives them the best opportunity to secure work experience closely related to their personal preferences. Please find your Work Experience Self-Help Pack (WE1) and all Supporting Documents (WE2, WE3, WE4). Copies can be found on TEAMS Careers Year 10 or hard copies requested from the Careers Team [W212], careers@eccoschool.com.