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Every Day Counts

A good full-time education provides you with the best possible start in life. Attending  Ecclesfield School regularly and punctually is essential if you are to make the most of the opportunities available to you and develop personal qualities expected in the work place. 

You are required by law to attend and be punctual to school 190 days of the academic school year.

How can parents and carers help?

  • Ensure that children attend school every day. 
  • Ensure that children arrive to school on time. The school day begins at 8:50am and ends at 3:00pm. Study Support and extra-curricular Activities begin at 3:15pm  Students arriving after 08:50am will receive a same day detention. Any student arriving to school after 8:50am will be marked L and will receive a 20 minute detention that day. 
  • Contact the school's attendance officer on 0114 2461156 by 9am on every day of absence stating the reason. 
  • Medical appointments should be made outside school hours. Students will be asked to show appointment cards. 
  • Ensure that holidays are not taken during term time. 
  • Seek help from school if requiring assistance in improving a child’s attendance or punctuality.
  • Support the school and the attendance team in improving their child’s attendance and punctuality levels by attending meetings and engaging with agencies.
  • Have a regular early bed time, have quiet time before bed, turn off the TV, computer, tablets and mobile phones.
  • Give them their own alarm clock.
  • Have their bag, equipment, planner and uniform ready the night before.

Attendance Officer Attendance Officer Trust Education Welfare Officer
Miss H Manley Ms N Fear Mrs P Birkwood
Telephone: 0114 2461156 ext 1165 Telephone: 0114 2461156 ext 1126 Telephone: 0114 2461156 ext 1143 or 07309674188
E-mail: attendance@eccoschool.com E-mail: attendance@eccoschool.com E-mail: ewo@eccoschool.com