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Behaviour Expectations

Behaviour Expectations

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are not to be used within the  school building, i.e. they are to be switched off as soon as you enter the school grounds and may only be switched on after leaving the school grounds. This means that you can only use mobile phones outside the school. 

If you choose to take a mobile phone to school, you must keep it in your bag, switched off and out of sight. 

If you have a mobile phone out on the corridor or switched on, a member of staff will confiscate this and hand it in to student services where you can collect it at the end of  the day. 

If your phone is confiscated for a second time or more the phone will be kept in student services and returned when your Parent/Carer has come into school to pick this up. 

Merits: Rewards

Merits should be awarded regularly for:

  • Positive contribution to lessons
  • Helping others
  • Outstanding work
  • Positive contribution to the school
  • Outstanding home learning
  • Academic achievement
  • Going the extra mile
  • Independence in learning
  • Extra-curricular attendance

Students can expect:

  • to receive NO MORE THAN THREE Merits in one lesson. In practice, one or two is the typical amount awarded. 
  • to receive up to five Merits if you have participated in a specific one-off event  (concert, sporting event, competition, production, exhibition, etc). 
  • to receive a Merit each time you attend an extracurricular activity (before school, at lunch time or after school). 
  • their whole class to receive a Merit, provided that all students have progressed  and behaved in the lesson. 

Merits should be stamped in the student planner. Every week students should total up on their Merits and their tutor will record them on SIMS. Students can earn a medal and special reward once their total number of merits hits an overall target: 

Bronze - 100              Silver - 200               Gold - 300               Platinum - 400               Diamond - 450