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Class Charts - Parents

What is Class Charts for Parents?

Class Charts for Parents gives you instant daily summary communication about your child’s behaviour and attitudes – both positive and negative – in a quick and efficient manner.

Class Charts is a new communication system we use within school and is used to keep track of your child’s achievements and behaviour information and to track scheduled detentions. You can also access your child’s timetable via your parent account.

If you have more than one child at the school, you can use the same parent account to view behaviour data for all your children.

Class Charts for parents can be accessed via their website or by downloading the iOS or Android apps. You can access the parent website and links to the parent apps at: https://www.classcharts.com/parent/login

Create an Account Via the App:

If you click the sign-up tab within the app, you will be presented with an account creation form. Simply fill in the form and enter your parent code in the Access code field. Clicking Sign up will log you into the account.

Please note: Your Access Code is not the same as your password. The access code is only needed for the initial sign-up.

You can access this link to a document which will take you through the login process step-by-step. Click here