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School Uniform

School Uniform

To purchase uniform online please click here to be redirected to our suppliers website. 

When ordering uniform, please make you that you enter the student's full name and form (if known) in the special comments box on the checkout page. 

School Uniform & Appearance Guidelines

Footwear: All students are expected to wear polishable, black shoes with a low heel  for safe movement around school. Trainers are not allowed meaning no sports logos of any kind are allowed (even if they are black). There should be no tassels, adornments or decorative buckles. Canvas shoes, sandals and pumps are not allowed. Plain, black, polishable boots are allowed as long as they are covered by school trousers and not evident. For this reason, boots cannot be worn with skirts. 

Ear-rings: Students may wear a small single plain stud (not a ring) in each ear. Ear  'stretchers' are not permitted. No other piercings are permitted. Jewellery: Wristbands and bracelets are not permitted. Students may wear a watch but should not wear watches enabled to access mobile services (such as the Apple Watch). Students may wear one ring. Necklaces should not be worn. 

Make-up: Make-up should be worn discreetly and should be natural looking and flesh-toned. Any students wearing excessive make-up will be asked to remove it. Nails should be natural and neutral coloured and of a reasonable length. Students should not wear false eyelashes. 

Hair: Hair should not be dyed in unnatural colours. Students wishing to tie their hair  back should use plain, undecorated accessories to do so. 

Nails: Nails should be neutral in colour and short in length (no longer than the finger tip). 

Undergarments: Students should wear plain, white undergarments beneath their  shirts. 

Other: Belts must be plain black. No headgear is permitted at all (except for religious  reasons) 

Summer Uniform: Summer uniform will be in place as of the first day back after the  May Spring Bank holiday until the end of the academic year. During this time, students will no longer be expected to wear their school jumper/cardigans in and around the building and in lessons. However, students must continue to bring their jumper/cardigan into school each day.

Trousers: Trousers should be loose fitting and black. There should be no rivets or zips. The material should not be stretchy or denim. Please note that uniform sections of shops sell trousers that do not meet our requirements, so please check carefully before purchasing.

Skirts: Skirts should be purchased from the uniform provider. Skirts should be black, straight and loose fitting. Stretchy material or pencil skirts are not allowed. Skirts should be knee length.

Piercings: Students are permitted to wear one pair of studs in their ears. Hoops etc are not permitted due to health and safety risks in a busy school.

All other piercings e.g. nose piercings, tongue piercings are not allowed under any circumstances.

Why students still need their jumpers in school.

Jumpers will still need to be worn for formal school events (all exams, assemblies, celebration events, etc.). We will also be maintaining the rule that no other tops can be worn (eg hoodies). As such, in the event of students needing to put on an extra layer in school, it would need to be their school jumper. The rules with regard to shirts and ties remain unchanged. Shirts must be tucked in at all times and ties must continue to be worn correctly. A reminder that short-sleeved shirts are acceptable as long as they have a stiff collar.

Purchasing new Uniform

Purchases should be made using the e-shop: http://imperial-sportsltd.co.uk/shop  (select schools). Where internet access is not available, parents are able to place telephone orders on 07931 969 252 or order forms are available from Student Services and can be returned in a sealed envelope with payment.

School Uniform & Appearance Guidelines PE Uniform 

  • Compulsory branded items: Red PE T-shirt with school logo and black school PE sweatshirt with school logo.
  • Compulsory non-branded items: black PE shorts OR long black, sports leg wear (tracksuit bottoms/ running leggings/ gym pants). These do not need to be branded but we advise that these be purchased from a sports retailer. Students cannot wear fashion leggings. We also advise a base layer beneath their red school PE shirt in the event of cod weather. This should be black, white or red. Those students scheduled to do outdoor sports may still be expected to go outdoors during poor weather. 
  • Non-Compulsory branded items: Black rain jacket with logo. 
  • Supportive sports shoes: You should not wear pumps, plimsolls or pull on shoes i.e. no laces. These are inappropriate for secondary school students and may well lead to damaging your feet, ankles and knees. 
  • For outdoor sports, red football socks are recommended. Football boots may be worn but are not compulsory. 
  • Optional safety wear: students may wear a mouth guard where parents fell that this is appropriate. Shin pads can be worn for certain sports. 

All PE kit is available from Imperial Sports and may be ordered online or via a for from student services. 

All students are expected to wear appropriate clothing and footwear for all practical lessons. 

If you do not provide your own kit you will be required to wear school kit. 

Shorts, T-shirts and trainers will be provided. It is washed regularly in school by staff, but you should no rely on this. You must remember to bring your own. 

What happens if you don't bring your own kit?

As well as borrowing clean kit you will also receive a minus in your planner. 

  1. Forget PE kit first time = warning + minus 
  2. Forget PE kit second time = C1 + 10 minute detention at break/lunch 
  3. Forget PE kit third time = C2 and 25 minute detention at lunch. 
  4. Forget PE kit fourth time = C3 and after school detention.