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Bedrock Learning

What is Bedrock Vocabulary?

Bedrock Vocabulary is an online resource which teaches students the academic words they need to succeed in school and beyond.

Bedrock teaches vocabulary in a way that’s accessible, student friendly and ensures progress. A short test at the start of each student’s journey ensures that learning is tailored to their needs.

Who can access Bedrock?

Some students have access to Bedrock as part of Tutor Time intervention or as part of their curriculum. These students also have access to Bedrock at home. Each student should aim to complete at least an hour of Bedrock each week.

Access your Bedrock account

Student Account

1. Go to https://app.bedrocklearning.org
2. Enter username and password (provided by school)

Parent/Carer Account:

To sign up for a Parent/Carer account, you will need an access code (only provided by school). This allows you to link your account with your child’s. Please check for the ‘access code’ printed on a Bedrock sticker in your child’s planner. Please contact jjones@eccoschool.com or smccoy@eccoschool.com if your child is enrolled on Bedrock but hasn’t been given an access code.

Use this link to sign up for an account to support and view your child’s progress https://app.bedrocklearning.org/signup/accesscode