Information for Parents


Term Dates


Inset days are as follows:-

Monday 2nd September 2019

Friday 11th October 2019

Friday 29th November 2019

Monday 20th July 2020

Tuesday 21st July 2020

Click here to view the 2019/2020 school calendar

Autumn Half Term 1
  • Term starts Monday 2nd September 2019 until Friday 25th October 2019
  • Half term holiday Monday 28th October 2019 until Friday 1st November 2019 inclusive
Autumn Half Term 2
  • Term starts Monday 4th November 2019 until Friday 20th December 2019
  • Christmas holiday Monday 23rd December 2019 until Friday 3rd January 2020 inclusive
Spring Half Term 1
  • Term starts Monday 6th January 2020 until Friday 14th February 2020
  • Half term holiday Monday 17th February 2020 until Friday 21st February 2020 inclusive
Spring Half Term 2
  • Term starts Monday 24th February 2020 until Friday 27th March 2020
  • Easter holiday Monday 30th March 2020 until Monday 13th April 2020 inclusive
Summer Half Term 1
  • Term starts Tuesday 14th April 2020 until Friday 22nd May 2020
  • Spring Bank holiday Monday 25th May 2020 until Friday 29th May 2020 inclusive
Summer Half term 2
  • Term starts Monday 1st June 2020 until Friday 17th July 2020

Key Dates

Parents’ Evening

Year 11 – 16th January 2020
Year 10 – 19th March 2020
Year 9 Pathways Evening –
Year 8 – 26th March 2020
Year 7 – 13th February 2020

Celebration Assemblies

Y11 – Not on calendar
Y10 – 9th July 2020
Y9 – 8th July 2020
Y8 – 7th July 2020
Y7 – 6th July 2020

Parents’ Forum (6pm – 7:30pm)

14th Jan 2020
3rd March 2020
21st April 2020
9th June 2020

Year 6 induction – Support For Learning


Year 6 Open Day and Evening

26th September 2019

Year 6 Uniform sizing

21st May 2020

Year 6 Induction Day and Evening

Induction Day 1 – 22nd June 2020
Induction Evening – 22nd June 2020
Induction Day 2 – 23rd June 2020

SEND surgeries

7th October 2019

9th December 2019

3rd February 2020

16th March 2020

18th May 2020

6th July 2020

Year 11 prom

3rd July 2020

Christmas Jumper Day

20th December 2019


Year 10 Work Experience

w/c 29th June 2020


Activities Day

1st July 2020


Whole school production (starts at 7pm)

11th March 2020

12th March 2020

13th March 2020




Summer concert

9th July 2020


KS3 Sponsored Walk


Timings of the school day (from 7th January 2019)

  • Form Period 8.50am – 9.10am
  • Period 1: 9.10am – 10:10am
  • Period 2: 10:10am – 11:10am
  • Break: 11:10am – 11.30am
  • Period 3: 11.30am – 12.30pm
  • Period 4: 12.30pm – 1.30pm
  • Lunch: 1.30pm – 2pm
  • Period 5: 2pm – 3pm

Payments for Educational Visits and School Meals

  • Go to and enter your username and password supplied by the school.  If you do not have these details please contact our Finance Office and we will be happy to forward the details you require to pay online.
  • Once you have logged on, you will be taken directly to your child’s individual account.  You will be able to credit their meal account with a minimum payment of £25, pay for educational visits, view your account balance as well as purchases made.
  • Please note we have set a minimum top up value of £25 based on the average spend of students of £5 per day.

All payments will be made directly to:
Eden Food Services

Your bank statement will display “Eden Food Services”

School Meals Menus

Click here to view our school meal menu

Click here to view the Allergy Summary Autumn Winter 2019

Please be aware that allergen information is subject to change and product availability. Please speak to the catering team for more information on allergens and ingredients used in these meals.

Support for your child

Integrated Resource for Deaf and Hearing Impaired Students

Here at Ecclesfield Secondary School we are proud to be home to an Integrated Resource (IR) for hearing impaired students. The IR caters for students with varying degrees of hearing loss from mild to profound. We have students with both hearing aids and/or cochlear implants. A teacher of the deaf and a specialist-teaching assistant employed by Sheffield Hearing Impaired Service staffs the Ecclesfield IR. The IR is an excellent example of Sheffield’s inclusive approach to teaching hearing impaired students.

The hearing impaired students who attend Ecclesfield School benefit from a high degree of inclusion in their mainstream classes and are encouraged and supported to take an active role in all aspects of school life and not least, have the opportunity to make friends with both deaf and hearing students. They are members of mainstream and learn alongside hearing students.   For some lessons students are withdrawn into the IR where they are taught by a specialist teacher who has an additional qualification to teach deaf and hearing impaired students (Teacher of the Deaf) and/or by a Specialist-Teaching Assistant.  The Teacher of the Deaf and Specialist Teaching Assistant also support our students in mainstream lessons to help ensure they fully access the learning.

To effectively meet the needs of hearing impaired students here at Ecclesfield School, all professionals involved, Teachers of the Deaf, Specialist Teaching Assistants, mainstream teachers and professionals from external agencies e.g. Speech and Language Therapist, Audiologist, work closely as a team to ensure each child has the best access and opportunities throughout their secondary education.

Integrated Resource Staff:

Rebecca Ducker

Resource Co-Ordinator

Teacher of the Deaf

0114 2461156 ext.1139


Michelle Norris

Specialist-Teaching Assistant

External agency professionals may include:

  • ​Speech and language therapists.
  • Educational psychologists.
  • Bradford and Nottingham cochlear implant centre team.
  • Audiologists from Sheffield students hearing services.
  • Deaf CAMHS team.
  • MAST
  • Social care team.

Support given may include:

  • Support in the mainstream class.
  • Individual teaching sessions withdrawn to the IR.
  • Small group teaching sessions with other hearing impaired students in the IR.

The amount of time a hearing impaired child spends in the mainstream class and the level of support the child receives depends on the individual needs of the child.

What do we do in the Resource?

Prepare for or consolidate class work – by using ‘link books’ in mainstream lessons we are able to look back at any work the student may need to readdress. By communicating with mainstream staff, we are also able to prepare our students for any upcoming topics that may need pre-teaching.

Language and communication skills – each student is placed on our ‘language framework’ where we assess language development in regards to their age and what we will need to work on to ensure their language and communication skills improve.

Develop listening skills – some of our students have the use of a radio aid system, which enables them to access the teacher’s voice no matter where the teacher is in the classroom. By encouraging good listening skills, each child will benefit from improved access to learning.

Develop ‘Personal Understanding of Deafness’ (PUD) – We encourage our students to value their hearing aids/implants, increasingly manage their own aids/implants and understand their hearing loss.

Before/after school sessions:

Audiology help – Checks of hearing aids, ear moulds, cochlear implant systems, radio aids

Lunch club – is offered twice a week to encourage reverse integration and socialisation with peers, while being in a safe and familiar environment.

Homework help – Sessions are offered to our students to help with homework tasks that they may need extra support completing.


We take care to ensure the transition from primary to secondary and secondary to post 16 is as smooth and successful as possible.

In Year 6 Ecclesfield IR staff visit primary schools to meet the students and teachers to introduce themselves and gather feedback on the student and their needs. They also attend the student’s annual review meeting where we meet parents and any other professionals involved with the student. Ecclesfield School also offers opportunities for an extended transition programme to ensure our hearing impaired students feel comfortable and ready for their move to secondary.

At Key Stage 4 our students have excellent support provided by Ecclesfield School’s careers team. They tailor the work experience and college process to suit the needs of our students. IR staff and Ecclesfield School staff have extremely good links with colleges and other post 16 providers. We take our KS4 students to visit these providers and have 1.1 meeting with support staff to ensure they are fully aware of the needs of our students. We are very proud that many of our past students have been through college successfully leading them to excellent jobs and/or university opportunities.


If you have any questions regarding the Integrated Resource for Hearing Impaired Students please contact Mrs Ducker (Teacher of the Deaf).

Support for your child's learning

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