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Design and Technology

Design and Technology

What will my child learn in this subject?

Our Ethos

As Design and Food Technology teachers we have the responsibility to enable all students to be successful in gaining real-world & worthwhile skills, knowledge and qualifications that will support them into further education, training or the world of work.

To Provide all students with an opportunity to explore the world in which they live through practical experimentation with materials, ingredients, equipment, tools and machinery in order to create innovative, thoughtful designs and products to improve our everyday lives.

We firmly believe that Design & Food Technology should embed learning from across the school curriculum through a hands on practical approach.

Our Aims

5 Year Plan

By the time pupils complete their studying of Design and Food Technology at Ecclesfield School they will be ready for the world of work or further education within our subject areas. Students will understand how Technology shapes our lives and the world in which we live and will have developed a practical understanding of Design and Food Technology and the products which they interact with on a day to day basis. Our students will also have had a wide range of opportunities to develop these practical and creative skills in all aspects of technology including: Design, Engineering, Food and nutrition. 


  • Pupils will be able plan for the production of complex products or dishes.
  • Pupils will be highly skilled users of workshop/kitchen equipment.
  • Pupils will be able to ably this understanding in order to produce a range of complex products.
  • Pupils will be able to work independently and collectively. 
  • Pupils will be able to test, analyse and evaluate the products.


  • Pupils will know a wide range of materials/ingredients and processes.
  • Pupils will know how to apply knowledge of materials, ingredients, H&S , tools and equipment.
  • Pupils will know how products are/can be manufactured in order to better understand the world around them.