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Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Languages

What will my child learn in this subject?

Our Ethos

As a Modern Foreign Languages department we have the responsibility to develop the cultural and linguistic skills that our students need to become global citizens. We have the privilege of not only preparing our young people for the international labour market but also helping them become thoughtful, compassionate and considerate humans through the exploration of life outside their own corner of the world. By focussing on listening, reading, writing and speaking skills and having high expectations regarding pupils’ learning potential, our curriculum will allow all students to develop the communication, resilience and problem solving skills that they need to be successful in the future, regardless of the path they take.

Our Aims 

5 Year Plan

By the time pupils complete their MFL course at Ecclesfield School, they will be effective communicators, resilient learners and successful problem-solvers. Pupils will have been given the opportunity to explore a wide range of topics relating to life in another country in order to develop their linguistic skills, social understanding and cultural capital.


  • Pupils will be able to manipulate grammatical structures to talk about topics in a variety of tenses.
  • Pupils will be able to communicate effectively in the target language
  • Pupils will be able to understand, infer and analyse what they read and hear.
  • Pupils will be able write in a well structured manner.
  • Pupils will be able to work independently and collectively.


  • Pupils will know a wide range of target language vocabulary pertaining to the three themes studied
  • Pupils will be able to manipulate verbs in order to change the tense or the subject
  • Pupils will have studied the differences between life in England and in German/Spanish/French speaking countries.