Minerva Learning Trust



What will my child learn during the course of the year?

Our Ethos

To inspire, encourage and teach our students a passion for the arts whilst developing their confidence ready for the wider world.

Our Aims

5 Year Plan

Through the 5 years, students will be taught basic performance skills that allow them to creatively explore a wide range of issues whilst developing their confidence. They will learn the importance of working collaboratively and the power of the imagination. Those who continue into KS4 will learn about practitioners and styles of theatre. They will develop performances for examinations that are confident and creative whilst analytically looking at their work and that of others.


  • Drama specific skills and techniques to devise stories
  • Confidence
  • The importance of collaboration
  • Vocal and physical performance skills


  • Subject specific vocabulary
  • Historical and Modern practitioners of the theatre
  • Styles and Genres of Theatre
  • Interrelationships and techniques


The Drama department offers many opportunities to continue their learning and development outside of the classroom. Over the course of the academic year, we produce three different school productions for all years at Ecclesfield, with rehearsals and clubs running every day of the year.