Minerva Learning Trust



What will my child learn in this subject?

Our Ethos

As a department, we believe the purpose of education is to promote and nurture enjoyment and enthusiasm for learning, enabling all students to be successful and achieve their chosen next steps regardless of their background or starting point. All students have the right to develop mathematical self-confidence and a general love for mathematics. We provide students with the opportunities to develop self-confidence, communication and problem-solving skills. We believe everyone can do maths. Students are encouraged to be proactive and take ownership for their learning. Students will meet the practical application of mathematics and learn the mathematics which is essential for everyday life.

Our Aims

5 Year Plan

Pupils will learn new mathematical techniques and develop problem solving, creativity and reasoning skills. They will also strengthen decision making skills when selecting appropriate methods to solve mathematical problems. The curriculum will ensure every pupil achieves the best possible academic result. Pupils will be equipped with the mathematical skills required in the next phase of their life's.


  • Strong numeracy skills required for daily life.
  • Problem solving, reasoning and decision making skills.
  • To communicate their ideas and thoughts in different forms.
  • To work independently or collaboratively as a group as a group, showing fairness and consideration for others.
  • To analyse and interpret given information


  • Procedural knowledge across all areas of mathematics.
  • Conceptual knowledge across all areas of mathematics.
  • To make connections between different concept and topic areas.
  • Knowledge and understanding of a wide range of mathematical formulae.
  • Number, ratio, proportion and rates of change, probability, statistics, geometry and measures.