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Health and Social Care

Health and Social Care

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Our Ethos

At Ecclesfield School, we recognise the importance of being a well-rounded individual and being valued member of the community.

The Health and Social Care department is responsible for developing children’s social, emotional, and cultural knowledge which is needed to access further learning in their life and eventually employment. The Health and Social Care department aims for our students to not only develop educational skills but also strives for students to be empathetic, thoughtful, and understanding which is provided through gaining understanding individuals circumstances and life events. By studying scenarios and situations we are allowing pupils to have a holistic view of society and giving them the tools they need to recognise their own personal skills and how they can develop them in their future life.

Our belief is to ensure we teach high quality lessons so that students enjoy Health and Social Care which facilitates them to use their embedded skills in their personal and working life. Through our teaching we will instil our school values and transferable life skills such as work hard, be kind, aim high and show GRIT.

Our Aims

2 Year Plan

In KS4 there is an opportunity for students to gain a Health and Social Care qualification in OCR. Over the two years of study at Ecclesfield School they will have gained a well rounded view of society, through our teaching strategies used to help pupils learn and progress. Allowing pupils to develop skills and knowledge where they can identify both positive and negative situations and how they can impact their own and others health and wellbeing. Through using three tier vocabulary and making regular reference to previous work pupils will develop their literacy skills and schema. As well developing this their interpersonal skills will also progress through real-life situations that will enrich pupils with knowledge of the society they live in and gain valuable knowledge of different cultures, values and beliefs. This will be done by integrating with the local community, guest speakers, and visiting post 16 opportunities. Spaced retrieval is used to help pupils know more and remember more in the form of starter activities, mini plenaries, end of lesson plenaries and both formal and informal assessment.


  • Develop knowledge, understanding and practical skills to complete appropriate assessment tasks
  • Construct appropriate tasks and assignments from knowledge they gained
  • Pupils will be able to work independently and collectively
  • Develop an understanding of different life situations can positively and negatively affect individuals life
  • Literacy skills will improve
  • Pupils will be able to work both independently and collectively
  • Pupils will be active listeners and effective speakers


  • Pupils will know the features of the body systems and the disorders some individuals are faced with
  • Pupils will learn practical First Aid knowledge
  • Pupils will be able to understand and wholly justify what effective communication is and the features if it
  • Pupils will gain knowledge of appropriate legislation in a health and social care, and early years setting
  • Pupils will Re-call and build on key knowledge over time to remember more
  • Pupils will know a wide range of subject specific vocabulary